Jennifer Lawrence

Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper plays a mentally ill man, Pat Solitano. Pat is diagnosed with bipolar disorder after he discovered his wife Nikki cheating on him. Since the incident with his wife, Pat still finds himself in love with his wife Nikki. Since his disease has really put him on edge, Nikki actually has a restraining order against Pat so he isn’t allowed to get close to her because he is extremely unstable and unpredictable. After spending eight months in a psychiatric facility, Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents in Philadelphia. When he gets back to Philadelphia he meets up with his old friend Ronnie who actually is great friends with his ex Nikki. As Pat is focused on talking to Ronnie solely about Nikki he meets Ronnie’s sister-in-law Tiffany (played by Jennifer Lawrence) who is also struggling with loss and depression. Tiffany is well aware of Pat’s feelings and relationship with his ex-wife Nikki and she promises to help Pat in trying to mend relationships with Nikki. Tiffany promises to deliver a letter to Nikki as long as Pat agrees to be her dance partner for a dance competition. Silver Linings Playbook dives into Pat and Tiffany’s friendship and shows their personal growth as they train for this dance competition together. At the end of the movie, Pat finds himself at a crossroad of dwelling in the past, and moving on with the future.


  1. David Russell directs this film and I would say it is a drama, comedy, and romance in one. The drama aspect comes in from all the damage Pat and Tiffany have seen in their life and how they are trying to rebuild themselves. The drama is actually a bit comedic in a sense because of how crazy and awkward these two characters are. Their relationship with each other is very different. They are both very angry reserved characters but they need each other to grow. Their relationship and how they grow together adds a comedic touch in this drama. The romance element is huge too with looking at how Pat losses his wife and how that affects him and how his feelings develop for Tiffany.


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  1. The meaning of Silver Linings Playbook actually comes with the title of movie. The meaning of Silver Linings is “every cloud has a silver line.” This means looking on the bright side of a situation. There is so much hurt in this film with looking at a mental illness of Pat’s character and how that is affecting his everyday life. The character of Tiffany actually helps Pat grow and see that there is a Brightside to the situation. Maybe Pat wasn’t meant to be with Nikki! Everything that is meant to be will be and I think looking on the Brightside of situations is the meaning of this film.


  1. I think the characters are more important in this story. The actual storyline of two people training for a dance competition is boring. Without their personalities and their histories and understanding these characters, the story would be incomplete. Understanding Pat’s bipolar disorder and where that come from and seeing how it affects the way he interacts with Tiffany develops the plot. Jennifer Lawrence’s character Tiffany is also a huge developing character in this story. She has such an odd personality just like Pat but also is huge is developing the comedy aspect of this film. Her persistent, almost annoying personality adds humor to this movie and adds humor to her relationship with Pat and his family as well.


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  1. The emotional effect is huge in this film. David Russell focuses on all the different emotions these characters face. He focuses a lot on their reactions to situations, which I think is very interesting. Since Pat is bipolar he has a lot of anger issues and Tiffany has very odd reactions to situations as well. It seems as if these two characters use anger to channel their sadness and as the film develops you can see that these two characters finally start to become transparent with each other. Also the meaning of the film is a huge part of this as well because the meaning of the film is in the title, which I explained previously. The director shows to always look on the Brightside of situations and look at the positives instead of focusing on the negative things and letting them affect you.


  1. The biggest conflict in this is Man vs. Himself. These two main characters, Pat and Tiffany are forced to really internally grow. The struggles with Pat include his wife that cheated on him and left him with basically nothing. Pat has to fight this bipolar disease and start to understand that everything does indeed have a “silver lining.” Tiffany also grows internally with herself in fighting the depression that haunts her and in using her dance competition to find purpose again.


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  1. The really couldn’t identify any weak points of this film. I absolutely love this film and I think the strongest points are who played the main characters. Bradley cooper did such a great job portraying the anger-struck character of Pat. Jennifer Lawrence also did an amazing job playing Tiffany and using her awkward qualities to really show her personality and how it affected Pat. The strong point was also the humor conveyed in this film. It was very dry humor and had to do with a lot with how Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Tiffany. I think the funniest part was when Tiffany would wait for Pat to run past her garage and the way she ran to keep up running with him right behind him when clearly he did not want her to run with him.


  1. This film definitely succeeds to me because it made me fall in love with the characters and their flaws. It made me happy to see the ending and how Pat grew as a person because of Tiffany. It also made me laugh a good bit too because of how awkward their encounters were as well. I love the romance element on this film because it is extremely unexpected.


  1. The biggest trademark I have seen after watching several Jennifer Lawrence film is her strength and her witty humor. When the character of Tiffany was talking to Pat’s family about the eagles she knew more than any of the boys about the players and this just showed her witty character sense coming out. In other films like Hunger Games, and Joy it is so evident that her character is a strong female lead and that just shows the versatile acting styles she has.


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  1. Overall I loved this film! It was such a different approach to looking at a silver lining. The whole idea of a bipolar disorder developing after Pat finding his wife cheating on him was a very different type of personal tragedy. I love the way the characters develop throughout this film and how their romantic relationship develops throughout the film as well.








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