Drew Baylor, a young shoe designer, fails immensely at his job with creating this new innovative shoe and causes the company he works for, Mercury Worldwide Shoes, to lose almost one billion dollars. With this lose, he goes back to his apartment and throws out all of his belongings on the side of the road and decides to commit suicide. As he is about to commit suicide, his phone is constantly ringing. He picks up the phone to hear his sister crying explaining that his father has passed away. His sister, Heather Baylor, begs Drew to take the responsibility for her and her mother and go to Elizabethtown, where their father passed, and bring back his remains. Drew goes on this journey to Elizabethtown, where he finds out how loved his father, Mitch Baylor, was in this community. While on this journey to Elizabethtown, Drew meets a flight attendant named Claire Colburn, who shows him what it is like to forget about his “fiasco” and his failures and learn to live in the present and appreciate life in a way he never has.


  1. Cameron Crowe takes a rom-com approach to this film combining a comedy and a romance in one movie. There is also drama in this as well. The comedy Cameron Crowe uses is extremely dry humor and sometimes-awkward humor as well. He uses the romance side of Drew and Claire falling in love and discovering more about the meaning of their life to incorporate this dry sense of comedy.


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  1. The meaning of this story is standing back up after you fall down. When Drew Baylor saw a glimpse of success in his shoe technology he was developing he was hopeful of his future. When things didn’t work out like they planned for Drew and he lost a billion dollars for his company because of his failure, he simply didn’t see a point in living. Claire was able to use her unique corky way to really show that even when you fail, that’s just an opportunity to work even harder to succeed. He found new meaning in life and that is the whole meaning behind Elizabethtown.


  1. I think characters are more important than the story. I feel like the job of the plot was to really develop Drew and Claire. The plot focused on Drew who was broken from the beginning of the film. It was about his journey and how Claire shaped his journey to Elizabethtown and shaped his life. The qualities Drew has such as his suicidal beginning thoughts to his cynicism he exhibited throughout the movie make the plot something special. Obviously the story of his father dying and his family in Elizabethtown is important in the sense of developing the main character but the traits he possess outweigh the story of the film.


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  1. I think Arthur Crowe focused on all three of these things. He focused on the emotional development of the main character of Drew Baylor and the odd qualities he possessed. It was visible to the audience the awkward humor of Drew and I think these things played on emotional effect of the movie. Secondly, Crowe focuses on the style of the film to convey this emotional affect. He uses music to show how Drew develops throughout the movie. In the beginning Cameron didn’t really use any music and then towards the end when Drew was really developing this sense of happiness, he incorporated more music. Lastly, the moral idea portrayed by Crowe to never give up even after a failure is present throughout the entire film.
  2. The main battle in this was Man vs. Himself. The entire story revolves around the big fiasco and failure of his new shoe and how it affects him emotionally. He even comes close to the idea of suicide. In this scene where he was going to kill himself, it didn’t seem sad and it seemed like Drew wasn’t even scared or sad to kill himself. The way he designed the contraption with the knife to kill himself was odd to me because it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal to him.


  1. The strongest part of the film was the character of Claire and the effect Claire had on Drew. I also think the part of the film where Claire made him this entire road trip book and treasure hunt for his big road trip and ended up meeting him as the World’s 2nd largest farmers market. I think her effect she had on Drew and his progression into happiness was such a strong point. I think the weakest point was the awkward scenes present in this film. I think Cameron Crowe included these to show Drew’s character but I felt uncomfortable for a lot of the movie because Drew was just so awkward. The whole failure with his shoe design was just a weak point for me. I felt as if he could have gotten this idea across with something better than a shoe failure.


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  1. The film succeeds simply because of the romance between Claire and Drew and the idea that both of them thought they were “substitute” people. Claire said this and it stuck with me because it showed that both of their relationships were different than normal people but in a way it worked for both of them. The emotional affect on the romantic story helps this film succeeds.


  1. The first Cameron Crowe trademark that showed up was the lead character as a crossroad. The main character Drew is extremely lost after his failure with the shoe company and doesn’t know what is next. He even contemplates suicide until he receives the news of his father’s death. The second one is when Drew meets Claire; he never saw this type of girl coming his way. His ex girlfriend was completely different than Claire and this is a huge trademark of Crowe. He typically writes about romances where the guy doesn’t see the girl coming and then they fall in love. The last trademark I saw of Cameron Crowe, was the main character suffering a major loss. The loss of Drew’s father was a huge part in this story.


  1. I liked the romantic side of this film but wasn’t a huge fan of the dry humor in this film. I just found a lot of the film awkward. I really love the character of Claire and the effect she had but other than that, I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie.






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