Edward Scissorhands

“Edward Scissorhands”


This story is about a man named Edward, who lives alone in a Mansion who has actual scissors for hands. He was the product of an inventor who basically created a human but without the human hands. The man died instead of finishing the boy’s human hands leaving Edward with scissors for hands. Peg Boggs, an Avon saleswoman, visits the mansion and comes across Edward in the mansion. Peg Boggs ends up taking Edward home with her so he can live with her family because she feels bad he was left all alone. While his time at Peg Boggs house, Edward shows tremendous skills like hedge trimming and even trimming dog’s hair and human hair. Initially the neighbors fall in love with Edward because of his innocent skills but Edward starts to get into trouble while in town, causing the town people to feel uneasy about him. During this time Edward falls in love with Peg’s daughter, Kim. Kim was scared of him at first but truly saw Edward for the innocent soul he was and warmed up to him. All Edward wanted to do was merely exist in harmony among the neighbors but as the movie progresses and Kim’s love for Edward grows and tensions still arise from the townspeople, it is clear that Edward must remain in his mansion before the townspeople try to kill him.


2) Tim Burton uses his film “Edward Scissorhands” as a unique fantasy and romance movie. I think these two genres are used simultaneously together because Burton does an amazing job using the element of fantasy with the creation of Edward in general. Edward is a human but without hands and scissors as hands but he lives in a seemingly basic human world. This fantasy is so strong because Edward is so unique and the neighborhood in which he enters is so cut and dry. Burton also adds the element of Romance in this movie but showing that a human (Kim) could fall in love with a “monster” (Edward).

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.38.49 AM.png


3) The meaning of this story is show that appearances and differences don’t define a person. Edward was terrifying looking but he was so innocent and all he wanted was to live peacefully among other humans. It shows that you cannot judge another human by their outward appearance but what is inside. Kim saw this within Edward as she was terrified of his appearance at first but then started to see how pure his heart was throughout their time together. One of Burton’s themes is when a character is extremely misunderstood. In this movie, Edward is so misunderstood and taken as a monster simply because he looks different from others.


4) I think character is more important to this story because Edward’s character helps construct the entire plot to this story. Without the scientist who created Edward and his scissor hands, he wouldn’t be alive for the story to occur. The entire plot is built upon the anticipation of sensing how the town would view Edward and how they would treat him because he looks like a monster on the outside but has a pure heart on the inside. Burton shows how the development of Edward helps develop the plot itself.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.39.28 AM.png

5) To me, the style and texture of the film stood out the most. I think the morality and the ideas of the film were connected with the film but the way Burton shot it helped with the effectiveness of the film. The entire neighborhood all had the same style houses with colorful houses but the decorations were extremely bland and simple and it seemed as if all the townspeople had such a routine life before Edward appeared and showed them that even someone who looks different on the outside, can have the same heart. Also, the way Burton designed Edward was appealing to me because his scissor hands were dirty, they weren’t cool as if they were like the x-men’s hands, and they were just normal huge awkward scissors. I think this also played a huge part in the way the audience saw Edward. The way Burton zoomed in on Edward’s awkward encounters helped portray his lack of human skills as well. The morality ideas Burton also conveyed helped pull an emotional appeal on the audience.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.39.58 AM.png

6) The battle Burton shows here is man vs. society or in Burton’s terms maybe “monster” vs. society. One of Burton’s trademarks is using monsters as characters and not that Edward was really a monster, he just happened to appear as one. Edward battled with society because he was alone for some time and didn’t have social skills and when he was thrown into this new world, he wasn’t accepted at one point because he looked different than the other neighbors.


7) The strongest part of this film was the style in which he designed Edward. His design wasn’t like a normal villain or monster… he was scary but in an innocent way. I know I already discussed this in the style but I really think without Burton using this style on Edward, it would have taken away from his innocent. I honestly can’t think of a weak point of this film. I love how Burton took a fantasy movie and used romance in it and the way it appealed to the audience was amazing.


8) The film succeeds to me because the way it made me feel. It made me feel so bad that people looked at Edward that way. It inspired me to look at the inner parts of people instead of appearances because of the way Kim fell in love with Edward. I loved the way Burton used humor and awkward humor itself to capture the way I felt.


9) I saw many trademarks of Burton in this. Like I previously stated, I saw the outsider and monster trademark. Burton created Edward to stand out in a normal town almost as Burton did in his younger life and now. Tim Burton’s stylistic, artistic approach to the way he produces movies, he knows that people will either love them or hate them. He views himself as an outsider, so he created Edward as one as well.


10) I loved this film because he has a dark, stylistic approach to it but it was a romance movie in a way, which is very different. It appealed to several of my emotions when watching it because I felt bad for Edward Scissorhands. He was left alone for so long and was expected to fit in to a society that was “basic” and “routine.” The camera work and the design were the main elements that impacted this movie and how the viewer felt for Edward as the entire town had it out for him. Overall, I loved this movie.





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