Midnight In Paris

Midnight in Paris

Inez who is played by Rachel McAdams and Gil who is played by Owen Wilson travel to Paris to vacation with her Inez’s wealthy parents. Gil is a screenwriter from Hollywood who is the fiancée of Inez. Inez and her parents are very harsh on Gil’s book, which is a work in progress. The book is about a man who works in a nostalgia shop, which describes that this man in his book obviously admires the past. While in Paris Gil just wants to admire Paris and walk around (even in the rain) and it seems like Inez wants to do the complete opposite even mentioning once that she doesn’t even know who would want to walk in the rain. Gil even tries to convince Inez to make the move together as a couple to Paris after they are married but Inez does not understand this. Inez runs into some friends Paul and his wife Carol while out to lunch with her parents. It is obvious that Inez thinks very highly of Paul, even constantly telling Gil that Paul is such an intellectual and says she had a crush on him in college. Gil does not admire Paul’s supposed “intellectual” sense of art in Paris and finds it tough to be around him. Carol and Paul invite the two of them to go dancing and Inez tries to beg Gil to go but Gil wants to walk the streets of Paris and imagine what life would be like in Paris in the 20’s. While Gil is walking the streets of Paris, the clock strikes twelve and a older car pulls up and Gil gets in and he realizes he enters the era of the 1920’s. While embarking on this journey he meets Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda and even Earnest Hemingway. He then meets Gertrude Stein who agrees to look over his novel. When he returns to bring Gertrude his novel, he is back in the present. He continues to do the same thing every night at midnight so he can experience the 20’s… the period in which he is so fond of. He tries to take Inez with him but she is too impatient and does not get to experience it with him. He meets famous artists like Picasso and even his mistress Adriana with who he falls for. Over the next few nights Gil spends his time in the past hoping that Gertrude will help him with his novel. Inez’s father gets suspicious that Gil is leaving every night and even hires a private investigator to follow Gil but is unsuccessful in his attempt Gil doing something wrong. While Inez is furniture shopping, Gil goes to an antique record shop where he meets someone named Gabrielle who is just as fond of the 20’s as him. In the past Gil falls for Adriana and is conflicted with if he really loves Inez in the first place and even tries to take Inez’s earrings to give to Adriana but gets caught in the process. While Adriana and Gil are spending time together a horse and carriage appears and they get transported back into the Belle Époque period into which Adriana is fond of just like the way Gil is found of the 20’s. Adriana decides she wants to stay in this period and Gil finally realizes that he needs to accept reality and live in the present. The two decide to say goodbye and Gil returns to the present with his novel and the decision to break up with Inez and pursue a life in Paris and live in the present. The movie ends with him walking the streets of Paris and meeting Gabrielle and walking her home.


  1. This genre is a romantic comedy and also has elements of a fantasy. I think it’s a combination of both because it isn’t a typical romantic comedy but the plot itself is unrealistic in the fact that Gil travels back to 20’s every night after midnight. He incorporates the element of romance by showing that Gil and his fiancé Inez were not right for each other and by showing Gil there is more to offer with meeting Picasso’s mistress, Adriana.

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  1. The meaning of the story is to understand that you can certainly have an appreciation for the past and a love for a certain era but you can’t live in the past and you need to make sure you live in the present. Gil came to terms with this when he traveled back with Adriana and she was obsessed with Belle Époque and he understood that it is so important to live in the present because there might be somebody who appreciates the time you live in.


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  1. I think the characters actually are more important to the story. In the first few minutes of the film while the title sequence was playing with a black screen and words you could actually hear Gil and Inez talking and this already revealed so much about their character. You could basically already tell Gil and Inez would not last just by hearing them talk in the first twenty seconds. Inez is complaining about walking the streets of the Paris in the rain and Gil reveals that this is obviously something he values. I don’t think the plot would be effective without knowing the main traits of Gil. Knowing that Gil has such a deep appreciation of the twenties makes the fantasy of actually traveling back in time so much more thrilling.


  1. I think Woody Allen combined his style and the actual ideas being conveyed in the film. Woody Allen used his backdrop of Paris in the first five minutes to show the scenery. This is a typical trend of his films as some of them show New York City for example. He also focuses on appreciating the backdrop of the film itself. The music 20’s was also extremely prominent in the film, which helped add effectiveness as he traveled back into the past. I think Woody Allen also conveys his ideas in an effective way showing that Gil constantly wanted to live in the twenties in Paris but realized that he could have a balance by appreciating the twenties and also live in the present as well.


  1. I think the main battle in this film was Man vs. Himself because Gil couldn’t find a way to make his novel effective until he was able to travel back in time to the twenties. He had a battle with himself that basically limited him from completing his book and realizing that Inez and himself were not meant to be. I think this ties into Man vs. Society and sometimes the need we have as society to want to live in the past and we don’t appreciate the present. He struggled with society and even Inez’s conservative parents who didn’t approve of anything Gil does. You could tell Gil saw that they had a lack of appreciation for the beauty and history around them.


  1. I think the strongest point of the film was actually the ending. I was pleasantly surprised at the way it ended. I knew Gil would break things off with Inez but I loved how Woody Allen showed the scenery of Paris at night and showed Gil running into Gabrielle. Gabrielle actually appreciated the past in the same way Gil did so it was nice to see the both of them meet up and I also loved how Allen showed the appreciation the two had of the rain when it started raining in Paris. The movie started with talking about walking in the rain in Paris and that’s also how it ended. I think the weak points of this film include when the private investigator followed Gil and basically got trapped in the past. I wasn’t a huge fan of this because I just didn’t think it was really that necessary to the plot itself.


  1. I think the film succeeds because it portrays the “not so typical” romantic comedies that Allen produces so well. It shows an average man, Gil, who is engaged to a wealthy woman named Inez and portrays the way their relationship won’t last. The dialogue in the movie made it feel organic, much as Woody Allen does in his other movies as well. It adds the element of fantasy into a plot, which looks at a personal conflict. I think this challenged me in a way to think about appreciating the present time instead of wishing I lived in an earlier time.


  1. I really enjoyed this film because it makes you appreciate the history of Paris and the great writers and artists that came before. It also shows you the story of a man who is struggling with his own novel and basically travels into a fantasy world every night at midnight. Honestly looking at this storyline before even watching the film I wouldn’t think that I would enjoy this but actually watching the film and seeing the style Woody Allen created for Midnight in Paris, surprisingly made me appreciate this film.

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