My favorite and least favorite filmmakers and why

A filmmaker that I enjoy is Denis Dugan. He has directed several comedic movies with Adam Sandler such as Big Daddy, Grown ups, and even the popular comedy Benchwarmers. My favorite move he produced was Happy Gilmore which is an older flick made in 1996. I grew up watching these Adam Sandler comedies and I love the way he directed this. Besides loving the comedy of the movie, I love the way he captured Sandler’s temper throughout the movie and showed how it progresses. There is a scene in Happy Gilmore where Bob Barker from the Price is Right beats up Sandler and I think Dugan’s incorporation of the generation and the popularity of the Price is Right made parts of the movie funnier because they were relevant. I haven’t watched a Dugan movie in a while but I do enjoy his older movies because of the relevant comedy so I would be interested to watch them now and review them.

My least favorite filmmaker would be Keenen Ivory Wayans. He wrote the first Scary Movie as well as movies like Littleman, and White Chicks. Although I did get a few good laughs at White Chicks I just think the way Wayans writes his movies is making them too corny for good laughs to enjoy. I enjoy more realistic comedies rather than a completely sarcastic movie. The way he writes is so its evident that his subject is fake. For instance in Littleman the family should be able to tell the baby is a full grown man just a midget that is ploying them. I understand the humor in the way he writes. It almost makes the actors look oblivious and I get it but I don’t enjoy it.


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